Development trend of direct drinking water meter

With the continuous development of our quality of life, tap water is now the source of people's daily water in urban life, and because of the convenience of tap water, more and more rural families have installed direct drinking water meters. Direct drinking water meter to the greatest extent to facilitate the family to eat water, the price is not high. Of course, the installation of direct drinking water meter not only needs to install the corresponding pipes, taps and so on, but also is the necessary equipment for tap water to enter the household.

The traditional water meter is used to count the amount of tap water used by residents, which is convenient for water companies to calculate the cost of water for each household. The general water meter is installed in the home of residents, which is also very inconvenient for the water company. Water companies need to regularly carry out door-to-door meter reading, which will not take too much time, but it will still make many owners feel troublesome. In addition, when a stranger suddenly comes to the house, there will be hidden dangers for the personal safety and property safety of family members.

However, in view of this phenomenon, many areas began to install wireless direct drinking water meters. This not only solves the trouble caused by meter reading, but also allows users to pay taxes at home. And managers can also be at work.

The advantage of wireless direct drinking water meter is that in daily life, there may be leakage of water pipe or forgetting to turn off the tap water when it is turned on. This is not only a waste of water resources, but also an increase in family costs. The intelligent water meter can detect the abnormal water use. The owner can understand the water use situation through the mobile phone application. When the water consumption is abnormal, the user will receive the corresponding alarm data to avoid unnecessary waste to the greatest extent.

Wireless direct drinking water meter is the development trend in the future, but the traditional mechanical water meter is still used in most places. With the promotion of smart city and the continuous popularity of the concept of Internet of things, it is only a matter of time before the direct drinking water meter is fully popularized.

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